Acne Home Treatment

A useful acne home treatment is body cleansing, but what is body cleansing and why is it necessary?

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Eating properly is a basic requirement for a healthy body and healthy skin. The other aspect related to eating is the build-up of toxins in the body. The body is designed to expel waste products and toxins when systems are functioning normally and efficiently. However, over time body systems do not function the way they should. There are a number of reasons for this. Poor diets, not enough exercise, poor health habits such as smoking, are just some of the reasons why the body does not function the way it should.

As a result of the above factors and simply the process of aging, waste products and toxins are not properly eliminated from the body. These toxins linger in body and lead to health problems. One of these problems is acne as the toxins try to expel themselves from the body via the skin.

A focus for toxin elimination in the body is the liver. It is the liver’s job to remove harmful toxins. However, the capacity of the liver is limited and if it is overwhelmed or constantly working too hard then these toxins get past the liver and start to accumulate in the body. One of the reasons why the liver is overloaded is because of how the bowel is functioning. If the bowel is not functioning well, then this places a toxic load on the liver. If the bowel is efficient at processing waste out of the body then the liver is not overloaded. The consequence is a healthy body and healthy skin and less or no acne when all is working properly.

To help your bowel functioning properly you can:

  • avoid foods that constipate – eggs, bananas, red meat, cheese and milk
  • increase fibre in the diet – grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lentils, beans, etc.
  • drink several glasses of water a day

Following the above regime can be used as an acne home treatment.

The other important aspect is cleansing the bowel and removing toxins from the body. This can be achieved with the cleanse program.

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This is an effective body cleansing regime that will upgrade your health by stabilizing your metabolism and weight, normalizing hormone levels, increasing your energy levels, reduce pain and inflammation, and of course improve skin. The elimination of toxins from the body is a great acne home treatment. It is a simple home acne treatment or remedy for acne and is worth considering when compared to the alternative of spending hundreds of dollars on acne medication and acne products, which may not work for you. The added benefit of this acne home treatment is better health overall.

Acne Home Treatment

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