Autoimmune Disease and Skin Welts

by Heather

I am 36 years old and have had this dermographism skin condition for about twenty years now. It all started at a restaurant in Wyoming. After leaving the restaurant, I noticed that I had red raised lines on my forearms from them resting on the edge of the table. After that occasion, every time I would get scratched by something or any time any type of friction would occur on my skin I would get red welts. My doctor examined my problem and diagnosed my skin issue as dermographia or dermographism and prescribed me hydroxyzine to treat the symptoms that I was having. Unfortunately, the hydroxyzine did not seem to help much, and since I do not like being on medication, I discontinued the use of it.

My dermagraphia itched sometimes but often was sorer in places than anything else, especially on my hands. However, in 2009 I started having INTENSE itching beyond belief. It was so bad and I itched so much that I developed red bumps, bleeding and bruising, and was only able to sleep about two hours a night due to the EXTREME itching. In addition to the itching on my skin, I also had a problem with my thigh. On my thigh the welt that appeared (one continuous one) and covered most of my thigh was raised about 1/8th of an inch all the way around and was bright red and hard as a rock. I went to the doctor, but still no answers and no solutions. This particular episode lasted for about one tortuous month.

In April 2011, I started having skin hives with the dermographia and high fevers in the 104 degrees F range. This was accompanied with dizziness and weakness. These symptoms only lasted about a couple hours at a time, and then the fever and weakness would seem to just mysteriously go away. I have seen a dermatologist, allergist, and family doctor with regards to these new symptoms. The family doctor has referred me to a rheumatologist, due to my fevers, hives and blood tests which revealed some concern leaning towards a possible autoimmune disease. Has anyone else had high fevers or been diagnose with an autoimmune disease that also has dermographia? I would really like to know if anyone has had a similar problem as mine and what they have done to treat or cure this issue.

If you are tired of taking medications to treat your hives, then here are two resources to investigate in order to naturally cure or relieve your hives or dermatographism.

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