Born with Dermatographism

by Anonymous

So I am 15 years old and I was born with dermographism or dermatographism. Apparently when I was born I was really white and looked like cotton because of the hives or welts or whatever you wanna call them. The doctor just told my mother that one child per year was born like this. My parents never talked about it further with my doctor and we ended up moving to a different country when I was two years old.

One time when I was about eleven, this doctor prescribed me a specific body milk for my skin condition. It didn't really do anything. The doctor just said to use it when my skin itches. Last year I went to the doctor because I had to get a vaccine. I had to take my shirt off and I started getting those hives and the doctor noticed and said, "Oh, so you have insert name I couldn't understand here," and I was like what and she said I had sensitive skin. I think she did say dermographism. I am almost completely sure she said that.

At first I thought I had atopic dermatitis, but it didn't match the symptoms completely but this skin problem does. Anyway, I have never really taken dermographism seriously since it was from birth that I have had it and I just found it to be a normal thing. I am not bothered by it or ashamed. My friends find it weirdly cool and we often have some fun drawing on my skin. It's just very weird that I haven't found anyone yet who was born with it like me but apparently we're rare.

Moderator's Comment
There are submissions by parents of very young children that have dermatographism on this website. Some are very young. However, this is the first time I have encountered someone with this condition right from birth. Perhaps this other children also had it from birth and it was not properly diagnosed as dermatographism. Anyways, thank you for your submission and glad to hear that it does not bother you a lot.

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