Causes of Dermatographism Skin Condition

by Zeeman

Has anyone of you tried to find out what's common among all of us besides this dermatographism?

How about location?

Food Items in common?

Things that we come into contact with inside the house.

Maybe different positions we assume while working such as bending neck, etc.

Things we come into contact with outside.

Common bugs in our area.

Typical weather and humidity.

Maybe if we can start a clip board with all possible common causes and suspects there may be something that will come up.

I think to find a cure for something the best thing we can do is gather data and add to our research.

If the disease is not going to leave us alone then why should we give up?

We are humans, we are smart. Let's not let this one problem bring us down.

You can visit this page and find a link to a dermatographism survey.

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