Cure Acne with Exfoliation and Proper Cleansing

by Frank

As a teen, I had moderate acne. As an adult, the acne subsided somewhat but I was still getting some daily pimples. I never really thought about a proper facial cleansing routine. I basically used bar soap to wash my face – once in the morning and before bedtime. I thought that was enough.

I finally decided to try a different face cleansing routine. In the morning after shaving, I still would use Dial bar soap to cleanse my face. I avoided using hot water and instead used lukewarm water to rinse the skin. In the evening, I started using Olay Clarify and Cleanse self-foaming discs. These disc pads have a gentle exfoliating side and a smooth side. The exfoliating action combined with the cleansing action of this product has made a huge difference. It is now rare that I develop facial pimples or acne.

So prior to going to bed, I use one of these Olay pads, the exfoliating side with gentle pressure only and not hard scrubbing. I spend a good one and a half to two minutes cleaning the skin. I then rinse off the cleanser with lukewarm to cool water and then pat dry the skin.

Another acne preventing tip is to avoid touching the face during the day. I used to rub the forehead in times of stress and acne would appear at the contact areas of the skin. Not rubbing the face had also made a huge difference with my adult acne problem.

I have not tried other cleansers because the Olay product is working fine at the moment.

More skin care information at: Healthy Skin Care.

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