Cure Skin Rashes with Hypnotherapy

by Irene

In October 2010, I suddenly developed a skin rash on my face coupled with a very inflamed red eye. As I am by nature a very shy and quiet individual these reactions had a devastating effect on my confidence levels. The rash on the side of my face resembled tiny hives which then proceeded to weep and become more inflamed. At the same time my eye became extremely red and swollen.

I visited four doctors in an effort to cure the problem. Blood tests were carried out and I was prescribed a myriad of tablets which only seemed to alleviate the problem temporarily. The last doctor that I visited could not find any causative connection for my skin reactions and suggested that I look at a way of alleviating my stress levels. Bearing that in mind, I visited a hypnotherapist who taught me both self-relaxation techniques and ways to improve my confidence levels.

I had my last hypnotherapy session on the 5th of February 2011 and as a result of my improved confidence levels and consistently practising self-relaxation techniques I feel that I can cope with stress a lot better than I ever could. I did ask the hypnotherapist what he thought might have triggered the skin reactions. In his opinion it was due to a brother-in-law dying very suddenly two months earlier.

I really do sympathize with anyone experiencing skin rashes as I know how self-conscious you feel as a result and would suggest that you might consider visiting a hypnotherapist to acquire self-relaxation techniques.

Best of luck.

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