Dermatographism Reoccurrence

by Linda

I have had this dermatographism skin condition since I was young, although I did not know the name of this skin problem until recently. I remember my mother commenting on it when I was younger. I also have asthma and usually I am more sensitive to bug bites than most people. For example, a mosquito bite will last longer with me than with the average person.

Generally, the dermatographism has subsided and has not bothered me much since I was young. However, I am now almost a 49 years old female, and this skin problem has returned and has been recurring for the last year or so. I was diagnosed with Lyme last year, but it was treated.

I am wondering if anyone else has seen this condition return after many years' absence?

Moderator's Comment
I have read only a very few submissions from readers where they state that the dermatographism has returned after a long period of time. A possible reason for this is that dermatographism suffers may not have realized that they had this problem previously and when it reappears they believe it is the first time. For others that are fortunate enough to have had this skin condition subside, perhaps not enough time has passed for it to reappear.

There is nothing to suggest that it cannot reappear and perhaps the Lyme disease caused the dermatographism to resurface. It is likely that they hypersensitivity of your skin will be with you all your life, but dermatographism can also disappear for good.


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