Dermographism Getting Better With Time

by Melinda

I have dermatographism and have always had itchy skin that often breaks out in rashes or hives. The itch can be so bad and demanding and people do not understand why I can't just control my scratching.

The dermatographism has actually gotten better over time. It was very pronounced when I was younger, but as I have gotten older (30 years old now) it has improved. I still get the red marks if I scratch the skin, but they only pop up on some areas of my body now (my face, neck, stomach - I guess all the sensitive skin areas).

I have read that it is something that can improve as you get older.

I have also read that there may be a link between sun exposure (vitamin D) and dermatographism - that is, a lack of vitamin D from sun exposure can make the condition worse. I try to get 10-15 min of sun exposure each day on most of my body.

I have also heard that it could be diet related, but I need to find out more. I recently stopped being a vegetarian but I am not sure if it is related to the improvement I have seen.

I always thought I was a bit of a freak. My skin is so sensitive it drives me crazy. I have bad reactions to mosquitoes, I get very red, itchy legs after showers (even if I don't use soaps) and I always have some kind of rash on me. At the moment it isn't too bad so I am thankful.

Good luck everyone, and remember you are not the only freak out there :)

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