Food Allergies and Rashes

by Anonymous

I have been recently diagnosed with food allergies and food sensitivities. The list of foods that cause me problems is long: dairy products, eggs, wheat/gluten, yeast (brewers and baking), spinach, banana, pineapple, corn, and mushrooms to name the big ones.

At one point I began to get itchy hands and legs, swelling in my face and generally feel physically ill. Since stopping eating the problematic foods, but it is hard to do so, my face is better but my legs and hands still swell. Both my legs and hands turn bright red, are dry and itchy and tingle like needles are poking these areas everywhere all at once. I cannot walk or do anything when this happens. At my worst with these food allergies, I had white little blisters on top of the skn rash.

I was getting better (my asthma and seasonal allergy symptoms improved) after seeing a naturopath and my regular doctor, and I was ready to return to work but unfortunately a recent flare up of my symptoms is so much worse than ever before! I am very frustrated and unhappy with these food allergies causing my skin condition. I have not strayed from my clean diet and juicing. Most packaged foods even if listed gluten free or egg and dairy free still have corn or say "processed in a facility that processes..." something I cannot eat. When I gamble most times and try these foods I lose and the food allergy kicks in!

I am waiting to see the endocrinologist because I also have low thyroid but this appointment is still a month away.

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