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Frostbite pictures or frost bite photos can be used to help identify or diagnose a frostbite skin care problem. If your skin has been exposed to freezing temperatures, then it is best to first study the frostbite symptoms as indicated in the signs of frostbite page. These symptoms vary depending on the severity of the frostbite. For example, if the frostbite or frostnip (as it is sometimes referred to) is minor or only affecting the top layers of skin the symptoms include: a burning or tingling skin sensation, possibly some numbness, the skin temperature is cold, and the skin has a white appearance to it. More serious frost bite or frostbite that has penetrated deep into the matrix of the skin is characterized by hard skin, waxy looking skin, and the skin may be swollen and have blisters. Eventually, the skin will look bruised or will turn black.

After considering what the symptoms are, the next step is to examine photos of frostbite in order to help in the preliminary diagnosis of the problem. The pictures are for information purposes only and alone they may or may not be useful. Frostbite can be a very serious skin care and health problem. If a frostbite problem is suspected and especially if the frostbite is severe, then professional medical attention should be sought after immediately so that the severity of the frostbite can be properly diagnosed and the problem effectively treated.

Currently, does not have any pictures of frostbite affected skin for viewing. However, some of the links below will provide some images that can be studied.

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