Hair Dye and Dermatographism Skin Rash

by Renee

I have colored my hair since I was a teenager and I am over 50 now. I thought at first the itchy scalp and lines of hives on my body was from the root touch up I did. But I am still experiencing symptoms 6 weeks after the coloring and my doctor diagnosed me with dermagraphism. My question is, is it okay to color my hair? Of course the doctor says maybe not but I need to know because the gray and roots are really bothering me.

I do not want to go against a doctor's advice but you should find out why you should not use the dye. Dermatographism usually erupts on the skin with pressure. I can't see the dye triggering this. Alternatively, you may have a chemical dermatitis issue with your skin and that is why you are reacting to the dye. It is also possible that the long term use of hair dye has sensitized your skin to dermatographism. Regardless of what is going on, find out why you shouldn't dye your hair from the doctor and what the consequences are if you do and then decide what to do.

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Feb 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hair dyes build up in your system and are known to cause cancer, hormone imbalance, auto immune diseases and the list goes on. It has happened to me from using hair dyes for 20 years. You can get less harmful hair colour from the health food shops and better still is all natural HENNA.

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