Hypoallergenic Products and Allergy Patch Testing

by Tina

I started having this condition about six weeks ago out of the clear blue. I am a 51 year old female in good health and regularly exercise. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed antihistamines and steroid Dosepak for six days. I finished the steroids and now he wants me to do a patch test. The only different thing I used was a new laundry detergent. I immediately stopped the detergent and rewashed everything in a fragrance free hypoallergenic detergent.

Is a patch test necessary? I can easily just buy all fragrance free/hypoallergenic products. Since there is no cure - wouldn't it be better just to take the medication and see it through and hope it goes away. I have been off the medications for 6 days and cannot sleep or work due to discomfort and was only on the antihistamines for about 15 days.

Thanks for your help.

I guess the dermatologist is trying to find out if there is something obvious that is irritating the condition. If you can find the irritant, then this will help your treatment significantly. I would follow his advice on how to proceed.

Generally, I don't think you want to be on antihistamines all the time. My dermatologist suggested a three weeks on and three weeks off treatment. However, since my condition has subsided for the most part, I am not on any medication at all right now.

A natural treatment or cure is below, for those concerned about being on antihistamines long-term.

Natural chronic urticaria, hives, or dermographism cure. Step by step process by Dr. Gary M. Levin - Read More.

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