Itching Burning Skin Hives

by Hope P.

I am 20 years old and I was apparently born with dermographism. My mom would rush me to the ER when I was a baby because my skin would break out with hives all over my body but by the time the doctor would see me, my skin would be clear. I have lived with the itching, burning, welts, and bumps since I can remember! I had no clue what was wrong with me and nothing I had done helped.

Last summer, my husband and I were at an urgent care clinic so that he could be seen for anxiety and I was itching so bad that my back looked like I had been tied to a whippin' post and been whipped for days! I asked the doctor if he knew what it was and he told me that it was called Dermography. He told me that people are usually born with it but in most cases it does not affect them until later on in life and that it was rare for it to have been affecting me since I was a baby. I was told that it is set off by heat and touch, and that scratching will cause me to itch even more (which is very true!!!) and that there is no cure for it. He also told me that he didn't know of anything that would even relieve the itching!

If anyone has found something that will bring even the slightest bit of relief, please tell!!! It is so embarrassing when people are constantly asking me if I have been beaten by someone, and its hard to feel confident and beautiful when I have huge red welts all over my entire body almost 24/7.

There are a couple of treatments which may be effective. See this dermatographism hives treatment page.

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