Milk and Skin Hives Outbreaks

by Jami
(United States)

My two-year-old daughter has dermatagraphism hives skin condition. It began occurring around the age of two. I thought this was just a typical allergic reaction but was told by her pediatrician that the raised skin that occurs is quite rare (and that is when I was told this is dermatagraphism).

When the hives skin condition outbreak occurs, she just can't stop scratching. Usually we apply some topical hydrocortisone cream and this helps provide some relief. We have tried to pinpoint the irritants that cause this hives skin condition and I seem to have eliminated some of the big ones (no longer using dryer sheets and bubble bath) but the outbreaks still occur (though less often). So it seems there are some triggers I have yet to find. We do have a cat in the house (but keep the feline away from bed linens and areas where my daughter often is). In addition, my daughter had a milk allergy in infancy but had seemed to outgrow this by age one. Today she drinks quite a bit of milk daily. However I am beginning to wonder if this might also be a trigger for her outbreaks. There is not always a direct correlation between her milk intake and the outbreaks but outbreaks do sometimes occur after a large glass of milk.

For now, we are trying to identify and eliminate all irritants and make things as comfortable for her as we can when this occurs. I am hoping this hives skin condition is something she is able to outgrow and won't have to contend with later in life.

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