Non Itchy Dermographism Skin Hives

by Ivy

I am 29 years old now and as far as I can remember, I have lived my life with the symptoms of dermographism. I was essentially born into this skin condition. For 29 years I didn't have any idea what this unusual skin problem was. I never thought that what I had been experiencing was a disease that I had on my skin. I just believed that the skin problem was hereditary because my father and my sister have dermographism as well.

It all changed today in my physiology class when I found out what I really have on my skin. I'm surprised that this is really called a disease. I found this healthy skin care site with plenty of dermographism information and after reading the conditions of other people, I realized that maybe what I have is just a mild case of dermographism. So far I am not allergic to anything that might trigger the disease and cause all the hives to pop out. I don't feel itchy or uncomfortable at all. I don't get hives after I shower. I only get the hives when my skin gets scratched or slapped. I have no plan of taking antihistamines because it might have an effect on other parts of my system.

I am so glad that I finally have the answer about my skin. To everyone else, thank you for sharing your experiences and wish you all the best on your treatments.

For others that are also concerned with using antihistamines to treat their dermographism skin hives, there are natural treatments which may be a more safe and effective approach - read more.

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