Pimple Like Skin Sore Rash

by Stef

This pimple like skin sore rash first looked like a spider bite a month ago. My physician did not give me a diagnosis of my skin rash but gave me two antibiotics to take. The two sores that I had were extremely painful. When I would stand and the blood would rush to my leg it was an unbearable pain. After about three weeks, I do not know if the sores went away due to the antibiotics or the skin problem just ran its course.

Now it is about two weeks later and I spotted a large blister like sore on my outer calf. I thought it was just an ingrown hair at first. I drained the skin blister and you could not even see the sore any longer. Two days later the spot that I drained is so painful that I can barely walk. However, despite the pain, you can barely see this spot on my skin. It is just starting to get red now. I also have another spot just behind my knee, right in the fold/crease of the knee where it bends. That one is obviously red and infected but is not nearly as painful.

What the heck is this skin problem I am experiencing? I cannot get rid of it, and these pimple-like sores on my skin keep coming back! My legs are covered in red scabs from sores that did not "take off" like the two behind my leg. Those scars are bright purple, just like bruises would look like.

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