Rash on Hand Joints, Elbows, and Knees

by Annie
(Louisiana )

I would like to share my skin rash story. I started out with a skin rash around the tips of my fingernails. This would occur when I would do my nails when I was younger, even though I had been getting acrylic nails for four years. So, because of the appearance of the rash I stopped.

Then, this year, a rash started to appear on my knuckles of my hands and also on my elbows. The rash is best categorized as one that produces small pustules. One doctor that I saw misdiagnosed my rash as a scabies skin problem. This diagnosis freaked me out completely and I had to miss work because of it. I then went to another doctor and he said it was possibly a skin condition called folliculitis or possible a staph infection. The rash went away with some antibiotics treatment, and just as a precaution (because I work in the medical field and had to get rid of it fast) with permethrin in case it was indeed a scabies issue, which fortunately it was not.

Now, for two days, after I get out of the bath, I have the skin rash appearing on my hip joints and on my posterior. In fact, this morning I unfortunately woke up with the rash present on my legs, specifically on both of my knees. The rash is like whelps and it is VERY hot. What the heck is going on now with my skin? Can someone please help me and shed some light on this skin rash on my hand joints, elbows, and knees.

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