Red Pimple Facial Rash

by Lori

My now eleven year old son gets facial rashes. Sometimes this skin rash also appears on other parts of his body such as his chest and arms. The rash looks red in color and small pimples like spots will form in the red areas of the skin. In order to deal with this rash condition, we are going to finally try an elimination diet in order to try and determine what in the world is causing this problematic skin condition. My son does suffer from allergies. These allergies caused various symptoms such as a super stuffy nose and this made it very hard for him to breast feed. The doctors put him on nasal steroids for several weeks at a time to treat this nose issue and that would cause the side effect of constant nose bleeds. POOR KID! So now his nose is better but the rash is not going away, or it will disappear for a little while and then it comes back again with a vengeance. If anyone has had this, please comment on my post and let us know what you did to help this rash condition.

A little more information about the facial rash is that it is mostly on his cheeks, but little pimples will form around his lips as well. With respect to the elimination diet, we are cutting out wheat, eggs, soy, citrus, and anything dairy for five complete days in order to clear his system. Then we will reintroduce one of these foods at a time for three days. I hope we are doing this right. My son has an O blood type if that makes any difference.

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