Reoccuring Red Itchy Body Welts

by Tori
(Charleston, WV)

A few months ago, I suddenly started getting these red itchy skin welts on my body. The itching was so intense I could not sleep at all. The antihistamine Benadryl did not help and neither did the various cortisone creams that I tried. The only thing that provided me any relief at all from these reoccuring itchy body welts was putting ice on the affected skin areas. However, the itchy welts would go away and come right back in a totally different area of my body. I went to the emergency room three times for this skin rash problem and no one there was able to figure out what the skin condition was. Then my daughter who is five years old also starting having similar bumps on her skin, only she doesn't itch as bad as me, but still no treatment makes the skin welts go away. My husband and son do not have these red itchy body welts however.

The itchy skin welts suddenly went away for about three weeks when I developed Bell's Palsy. During this time I had no welts, but shortly after the Bell's Palsy went away, the welts came back. What's going on? This skin problem is really confusing me. I am hoping this next trip to my daughter's doctor will be a referral to an allergist but any advice that anyone can provide on my skin problem would be appreciated.

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