Severe Hives and Physical Urticaria Disorders

by Amanda
(Rochester, Wa)

First off, I want to say to anyone dealing with this, I am so sorry. We just found out my 18 month old daughter has Dermagraphism along with quite a few other physical urticaria disorders. She has eczema that escalates her issues. She also gets severe hives with viral infections and landed in the ER twice with severe hives and bruising relating to her hives. She gets a reaction from almost everything. Too hot results in hives, too cold results in hives, a bump produces hives, a slight scratch gives hives, and clothing or diaper rubbing on the skin creates hives. Some hives heal up quickly and some take awhile but between her eczema and dermagraphism she is ALWAYS itchy.

Even though she is too young for a full kids dose of antihistimes they do have her on a half dose, along with various other medications to control the eczema and therefore minimize her dermagraphism. But I am at a loss on how to help her. I do everything the doctors ask, but they are perplexed as well. They said her case is very severe and basically said we can't stop it just treat the symptoms.

I guess my question is, is there anything else I can do and does anyone on this site have other physical urticaria conditions? My son also has dermagraphism and heat uticaria but not nearly as severe as my daughter. It is very hard to deal with the severity of the symptoms in such a young baby. Lucky for me she is a trooper. Any advice?

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