Skin Hives and Food Allergy to Dairy Products

by Ginny
(Austin TX)

I don't have dermographism, but I am severely allergic. During my teens and early twenties I would break out in hives with no apparent trigger. Outbreaks were often associated with stress and sometimes with minor injury. My lips and eyes would swell often. I also had respiratory symptoms and asthma. Allergy testing revealed numerous pollen and animal allergies, and a couple of years of allergy shots helped some, but the hives continued. Finally, in desperation, I did an elimination diet - fasted for three days and then added foods one at a time. I discovered severe allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, cashews, and yeast. When I stopped eating dairy, I never had unexplained hives again. I never had hives as a reaction to stress again. My allergist was flabbergasted - he said he had never seen anyone react to dairy with hives.

I think what was going on was that I loved cheese and yogurt and ice cream, and ate some dairy food pretty much every day. Because there was always dairy protein in my system, I would have a reaction when the protein built up to a certain level, not necessarily when I ate the offending food.

By the way, being so allergic, I was extremely careful when my kids were babies. I breastfed them and they never had a single swallow of formula. They didn't have any of the major allergic foods until they were over a year old. My daughter was fine. My son reacted to milk the 3rd or 4th time he had it - with hives. He's grown now and still will break out in hives if he has more than a little cheese or ice cream.

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