Small Pimple Rash on Face

by Jay

I do not really know what to say about my skin problem but for about four years now, I think, I have had these things that look as rough as sandpaper on my skin. These things can be described like a smaller version of say regular pimples that are commonly found on the skin. This is why I never took this skin condition seriously at first. I figured if these smallish pimples did not really show then it is probably nothing serious or at least nothing to be really concerned about.

Fast forward to four years later and these small pimple things have not disappeared and are still on my face. I thought this skin problem was unnoticeable but it actually still is. I am black skinned and whenever I wash my face and dry it, the skin problem stands out from the rest of my smooth face because it looks extremely dry and some white stuff appears on it. At first I went to the doctor and he could not really figure out what was the problem with my skin. I think the doctor figured it was nothing to be concerned about as I thought a few years ago as well. I think it might be some kind of skin rash or something similar. I highly doubt that it is a problem like eczema because I do not have any of the symptoms of eczema.

Please help me if you can to diagnose my skin rash. I do not know any dermatologist that I can contact and I am sure their consultant fees would be high for me. I am sorry that I do not have a camera right now, so I cannot post a picture to better describe my skin problem.

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