Swollen Face and Dermographism Welts

by Anonymous

My skin problem started off with what looked like the welts you get from regular scratching on my face, except these weren't caused by scratching and just stayed on my face 24/7. These skin type welts also were found on my fingers, not my hands however, and were very itchy. I was taking medicine for a few weeks at the time and the skin welts subsided somewhat. One morning I woke up and the entire left side of my face had swollen up like a balloon. I went to a doctor who had no clue as to what caused this swelling or what it was for that matter.

For a period of another week, the swelling would still occur but not nearly as severely as the first flare-up. Then as suddenly as it came, it left, but it transformed to regular dermographism, making a ridge where I scratched, along with a red patch surrounding it. I would deal with that for a few months and then for a short while, it would switch back to the way it first started, either on my face and fingers, or the rest of my body. This skin condition was never a combination of the two, only one or the other.

While the rash is on my face, it is emanating heat which I can feel bounce off my pillow when I sleep. I also notice that the dermographism on the rest of my body is more common when I am cold and get goosebumps. This is probably since the raised goosebumps rubs against each other like scratching the skin.

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