Treatment for Ringworm

Part of a treatment for ringworm involves practicing proper prevention so that ringworm does not continue to be a problem, is not spread to other people, or is not contracted in the first place.

The first point to note is that the ringworm causing fungi grow in warm, moist, and dark areas. Therefore, public swimming pools and locker rooms are prime locations for the fungi to exist and proper care should be taken in these areas. Wear sandals or water shoes to avoid getting ringworm on the feet.

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Avoid skin-to-skin contact with a person that has ringworm and if you have ringworm, avoid touching affected skin areas and then healthy skin areas. Shower after contact sports because these involve a lot of direct contact with other people.

Skin folds and between toes tend not to see any light and are warm and moist areas. Once again the fungi thrive in these areas. Keeping your skin cool, clean and dry will help prevent ringworm from appearing on the skin.

Ring worm is contagious. Therefore, avoid sharing of items such as clothing, towels, bedding, combs, hairbruhses, make-up brushes, hats, and sports equipment. Any clothing or other items that are suspected of being contaminated should be washed with a fungicidal soap and in hot water. If contact with fungi on the body is suspected, then a wash with with an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial soap will help prevent the ringworm skin problem. To avoid ringworm on the scalp, shampooing after a haircut can help.

Avoid touching pets suspected of having ringworm. Bald spots caused by loss of hair or fur are likely visible if a pet has a ringworm problem. If pets have ringworm, bring them to a vetrinarian for a treatment for ringworm.

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