What is Scabies?

What is scabies? Scabies is a contagious skin problem that is caused by a small microscopic sized mite. It is a condition that has existed for many hundreds of years (back to the 18th century) and currently, estimates are that over three hundred million cases of scabies exist worldwide at any one time. Some very general and brief information about the scabies skin problem is provided below. More detailed information on scabies and scabies skin care is provided at the links at the bottom of this page.

How it Occurs
After an individual is infested by a mite or mites, usually a result of direct skin contact with an individual with scabies, the mite burrows under the skin’s surface. It then creates small thin tunnels where it lays its eggs and once the eggs hatch, the skin problem progresses.

A common symptom of the scabies skin care problem is itch and often unbearable itching at times, especially when a person is sleeping. A scabies rash that is characterized by the appearance of thin lines on the skin resembling a rash, small pimples, or bumps also is usually present.

Without treatment, scabies will not go away. A treatment for this skin care problem is required. Fortunately, effective scabies treatments and remedies are readily available that can kill the scabies mites, kill the scabies eggs and prevent hatching, eliminate the scabies symptoms, and cure the scabies problem.

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