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New Website from the Creators of Healthy Skin Care
September 16, 2012

New Website from the Creator's of Healthy Skin Care

Our new website is: Digital Scrapbooking Storage created by an expert with 16 years of experience with storage media for electronic records.

This website is dedicated to providing information on the proper storage of your digital information, whether that information is a digital scrapbook, digital photographs, digital video, digital audio, and other digital files.

Without the selection of proper storage media such as the right kind of CD or DVD and without knowing the longevity and deterioration problems with the media all your digital records are at risk.

Please visit our website at digital scrapbooking storage for more information. While there make sure you Like Us on Facebook where you will be kept up to date on updates and where new information will be provided to you on a regular basis.

Also, visit Digital Storage Media - Questions and Answers page where you can pose a question and have it answered by our digital media expert.

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