Antihistamine Drug Treatment

Using an antihistamine drug treatment can be an effective way to reduce skin hives and other symptoms of dermatographism. Experiences with antihistamine drugs by dermatographism sufferers are discussed below.

Non Drowsy Antihistamine Treatment for Dermographism
By Anonymous

I get itchy everyday sometimes twice a day and I get the welts right after. This is all over my body and it is very annoying when it occurs. I go out and get Benadryl and it helps a lot but it also puts me to sleep so I need something that will stop the itching without putting me to sleep. Somebody please help me find a solution.

There are various non-drowsy antihistamines available over the counter. I would speak to the pharmacist to find the right one for you. Alternatively, a visit to a doctor might be in order. The doctor can prescribe other antihistamines that can control your dermographism symptoms and still keep you awake.

Antihistamine Drug Treatment for Itch from Dermographism Skin Condition
By Debbie
(Neudorf, Sask, Canada)

I have suffered from this dermographism skin problem for over three years and sometimes thinking that I am going to loose my mind not knowing what it is and also from the constant itch. A dermatologist just recently diagnosed this skin condition and the medications do not seem to be working. What is the answer to make it go away?

There is no cure for dermographism. It may go away in the future or it may not. Your best option is to find the right antihistamine drug treatment or combination of antihistamines and the correct dosages to treat the symptoms of dermographism. This is best done with the help of a dermatologist who can also prescribe better and more potent antihistamines than those available over-the-counter. You should be able to find the right medication for you to control the symptoms adequately.

Dermographism Recommended Antihistamine Drug Treatments
By Rosemary

I have extreme itching every day and little raised bumps that itch. The bumps come and go. I have been dealing with this since November of 2008. Has anyone had any kind of relief from the itching and if so, with what?

I am on Hydroxyzine 25mg pills - 4 pills 4 times a day. I started with 1 pill 3 times a day. I still use Sarna lotion to cool off and Colbestrol ointment. Someone also said to try rock salt or coal tar soap.

Any help from anyone would be great.

From my experience with dermographism, my dermatologist basically experimented with different prescription antihistamines in different dosages. I would be on one or two different antihistamines for a month and then revisit the dermatologist at which point dosage changes of the current antihistamines were made or the type of antihistamine was changed completely. It was a long process to find something that worked fairly well for me. For some people, it may be easier whereas for others, they may never find the right antihistamine drug treatment, the right dosage of antihistamine, or the right combination of antihistamines. Experimentation with antihistamines under the supervision of a physician experienced in dealing with dermographism is your best course of action.

Antihistamines for Raised Red Itchy Skin
By Anonymous

I suffer from dermographism and find it extremely embarrassing. Even light scratches can cause my skin to become raised and red. It looks horrible and although it goes away within about 15-30 minutes it looks so bad and other people don't understand. I was wondering if anyone has had any antihistamine drug treatments that have worked for them or even just minimized the effects.

Antihistamines should relieve your symptoms either partially or fully. This depends on the individual person. The trick is finding the right antihistamine that works for you and the right dosage. Sometimes, more than one antihistamine is prescribed. Some people cannot deal with the side-effects and some do not want to be on this type of medication long term, but if you find the right antihistamine and dosage that works for you and minimizes side-effects, then you can get some descent relief.

Chronic Hives Cure or Treatment

Antihistamine Drug Treatment for Skin Inflammation 

By Nilyy

I've had this skin problem my whole life and I am now 25 years old. People write on my skin and it puffs up in a few seconds. I get rashes all the time. I have bad inflammation problems with my skin. I have had severe pelvic pain for four years from being kicked in soccer and needed tons of cortisone injections because my skin became inflamed which caused chronic nerve irritation. I feel like you should be in a bubble. I read on a website that you can take antihistamines to treat the symptoms, is that true?

Yes, the most common treatment is the use of antihistamines. Best results are with proper monitoring by a doctor who can prescribe more effective antihistamine drug treatments than over the counter ones.

Dermographism and Sjogrens Chronic Autoimmune Disease
By Nancy
(Shelby Twp. Michigan)

I was diagnosed with dermographism by an allergist and I also have Sjogrens. I need to stay on Allerga to control the welting but this also bothers my dry eye and mouth because of Sjogrens. I have had my eye ducts lasered and I use Restasis over the counter eye drops and eye gels. My temperature was always (even with an illness) under 98.6 and now I'm always at 99.4 to 99.7. Do you have any suggestions?

There are several other antihistamines that you may try that can also control your welts effectively and perhaps not irritate your eyes as a side-effect. Natural antihistamines are also a possibility. See the natural antihistamine drug treatment page for more detailed information.

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