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Oily skin care is a difficult topic to address. On one hand you need a certain amount of oil on your skin to keep it healthy and young looking. Natural skin oils are necessary to prevent problems such as dry skin. Oily skin is also less susceptible to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration, and freckles. On the other hand, skin that is oily attracts more dust and dirt to the skin surface and excessive oil build-up can clog pores leading to problems such as acne breakouts. Oily skin leads to the development of larger than normal skin pores (often mistaken as acne scars) that give the skin a rough appearance. Therefore, because oily skin has some advantages, but also disadvantages, proper skincare (especially on the face) is a challenge.

As skin ages, the tendency is for dry skin to be more of a problem. However, skin that is too oily can occur at any age, for any gender, or for any race group. It is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Before discussing oily skin care, it is important to identify your skin type. Is it oily or is it just normal? This is necessary information to know in order to diagnose that you actually have an oily skin problem. You do not want to treat a condition that may not actually exist.

proper oily skin care

The next step is to examine the causes of oily skin. There are many reasons why skin becomes oily. It could be genetics or diet. Understanding the causes is essential before undertaking treatments, because simply avoiding some of the causes may actually be the only treatment necessary.

When treatments are required, please take note that remedies to restore skin to its natural oil balance can vary substantially. For example, oily skin can be managed by following a set of basic treatments for oily skin care such as proper washing and use of common products for skin that is oily. However, many people prefer all natural remedies in dealing with this problem. Finally, diet and nutrition (what you eat or don’t eat) can play a significant role in a treatment plan.

Proper care of oily skin involves diagnosing your skin type, focussing on the causes, and experimenting with a variety of treatments. Oily skin is generally not a serious problem that requires a visit to a dermatologist (unless more serious complications arise). However, this condition does require proper attention to ensure your skin remains beautiful and healthy.

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