Rosacea Skin Care

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What is the rosacea skin condition?

Rosacea is a skin problem that is concentrated on the facial skin area. This skin care problem has various symptoms that can help diagnose whether you have the condition or not. It is characterized by the inflammation or swelling of the skin and targets the nose, cheeks, and forehead regions. Other rosacea symptoms include facial flushing creating a red or rosy skin appearance, congestion, nodular swelling of skin tissues especially of the nose leading to a bulbous and bumpy nose, and the appearance of small blood vessels in the skin. The rosacea skin care symptoms page discusses these and other symptoms of rosacea in more detail.

This skin condition is chronic and is often also known as acne rosacea because pimples or acne type breakouts may also be present. Not all rosacea symtpoms are present all the time or in all individuals. Which rosacea symptoms are presents depends on the type of rosacea that the individual is experiencing.

The causes are difficult to determine precisely. Nevertheless, the link above discusses the possible causes of rosacea.

An interesting fact is that certain foods can trigger a rosacea skin problem or certain foods can aggravate an existing rosacea problem. The foods to eat for rosacea page discusses which foods to avoid if you have this skin problem and which foods you can eat that will not aggravate it. Certain foods may actually help with rosacea and these are discussed as well.

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