Bullseye Rash 

What is a bullseye rash? This is a skin rash caused by a type of bacterium that is not found on human skin. It is transferred to human skin from certain animals via ticks. When a tick bites and feeds on an animal that is infected with the bacteria and then subsequently ends up on a human and bites him or her, then there is the possibility of the human being infected with the bacteria. If this occurs then a bullseye skin rash can develop. This type of rash is also known as a Lyme disease rash.

Why is this type of rash called a bullseye rash? The reason is simple - the rash that appears on the skin looks like the center area of a dartboard or the bullseye area. The rash does not appear right away after the bite, but rather after a few days of being bitten by the tick carrying the bacteria. Initially, a tiny red spot is evident at the site of the bite, but this little spot eventually grows wider and in the shape of a red circular patch or slightly oval patch. After a few days the area close to the tick bite site starts to fade and therefore you have a red spot at the bite site that is surrounded by a ring of non-red skin or normal skin color and then a red ring on the outside of this area.

The affected area can spread to twelve inches in diameter and the characteristic bullseye pattern may disappear in a short amount of time. If the Lyme disease progresses a skin rash on other parts of the body may appear.

This type of skin rash can be painful, with burning and itching being the main symptoms.

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