Chronic Rashes on Skin

by Pradeep
(Chennai, India)

I started getting skin rashes for the last eight to nine months. The rashes all started one day with mild rashes appearing on my skin and the problem subsequently went away without any kind of treatment being used. Later, again after two months in time, another attack came and this time I had to resort to medical treatment in order to deal with the rash. This sort of scenario became very frequent.

After several visits to doctors, they confirmed or diagnosed that what I was experiencing was not any kind of skin disease but rather an allergic reaction and they said that I needed to be very alert in order to find out the cause of the reaction and consequently the rash. I started checking many foods that I ate such as nuts and any medications that I would take and evenually one doctor advised me to stop taking certain medications that I used. I completely stopped taking Febuxostat - this is for the treatment of my Gout problem.

To my happiness I did not have a skin rash attack for next one and a half months (it used to come every alternate week prior to stopping the medication). However, my happiness did not last long, and one day the skin rash came on heavily. Now I am back to a confused state and very unsure as to why I am being affected by chronic skin rashes.

I suspect that Brinjal (egg plant), Ice Cream, and alcohol are possibilities for the appearance of the rashes but I am not sure at all that these or other elements are the cause.

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