Extremely Itchy Purple Rash on Lower Legs

by Marlena
(Krugersdorp, South Africa)

Two years ago a very itchy rash started on my left lower leg just above the ankle. I felt like scratching it with a wire brush because the itching drove me mad. The dark pink color of the itchy rash turned purple. The itchy patch is also much warmer than the other unaffected skin on my leg. A doctor could not provide any solution but suggested that I should use Anethaine or Anusol - even if only to get rid of the itch. This treatment did not help with the skin rash symptoms. I then went to see another doctor who sent me to a dermatologist. The skin doctor could not even offer a diagnosis of the skin rash even though a core sample was sent to the laboratory for analysis. The results were inconclusive.

What is very interesting is that this skin rash would stay active for roughly four weeks, until, overnight, the itching would cease and the skin would go back to being smooth, but of course, after time, remained a horrible purple colour.

Then the same type of irritation started on my right leg, it looked similar to a small spider bite, but now this patch also itched and remained for about a month, followed by a month of no rashes, only to return again, this time much bigger. Within four "cycles" this patch overtook the initial patch in size on my left leg and by now it turned into the same cycle whereby I would suffer from rashes on both legs, turning me wild from the itching.

I went to see another doctor and yet another dermatologist and I offered him this deal: if he could help me to diagnose and treat the rash successfully, I would pay him twice his fee, however, if he could not assist, I will not pay him at all.

He admitted that he had seen this type of rash before, but that there is no cure for it and I ended up not paying him as he could not help me.

Anyone had the same problem?? I am beside myself!

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Feb 26, 2012
Low Platelets ITP
by: Anonymous

I have 55,000 platelets and red bumps on my
calves and shins. My bone marrow in the shins
is painful when my platelets are low. I scratched
so much they were bleeding and swollen and I had a slight fever for a day.

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