Frownies is a wrinkle treatment product by Verseo that is specifically designed to eliminate wrinkles on the forehead, at the corners of the eyes, and around the mouth. These areas of the face are stressed due to the constant and repetitive motions of frowning, smiling, and squinting. The skin tissues eventually are damaged and the typical facial wrinkles develop.

This facial wrinkle treatment product works to smoothen the skin and visually reduce the signs of aging of the face. This Verseo anti-aging product is a great alternative to cosmetic procedures such as botox injections.

Verseo Frownies Facial Treatment System

This is a facial treatment system designed with your skin's best interest in mind. This three pack is our best value as it combines the rejuvenating power of the hyrdrator facial spray with pads for the forehead, corners of the eyes, and mouth.

If you have been noticing signs of your skin beginning to age, or have considered Botox injections - you should give this product a try. The use of this product allows the deep expression lines to heal, leaving younger, more relaxed-looking skin. Using all natural ingredients, Frownies Corners of the Eyes and Mouth smooths skin and rolls back the unforgiving hands of time with its specially developed formula.

The problem with facial skin is that continual repetitive motions such as frowning, squinting, smiling, etc. cause damage to the facial tissue supporting the epidermis which is the visible layer of the skin. Over time, this damage deepens and cells in some areas of the wrinkle slow down production of elastin and collagen, making it easier for the muscle to press the skin together. Cells in other areas build up and cause heavy sagging at the deepest part of the wrinkle.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this age-old problem of fine lines and wrinkles. This product forms a splint holding the visible layer of skin smooth and flat overnight while the skin cells reposition themselves supporting the natural, smooth, healthy-looking skin.

The first sign of deepening lines indicates the time to begin applying the Facial Pads while you sleep. Moisten the back of the pad with the Hydrator Spray and apply directly over the wrinkle.

It's never too late to splint deep lines with this product from Verseo. You will see visible improvement overnight and continual use is the key to lasting results. Do not think you have to live with deep wrinkles. Frownies will diminish the visible signs of aging effectively and naturally.

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