Heat Rash Treatment 

A heat rash treatment is required when a person develops a rash after overexposure of the skin to hot and humid conditions. Miliaria rash, prickly heat rash, sun rash, and sweat rash are also terms used to describe this type of skin problem.

A heat rash is a fairly common problem for individuals during the summertime but can occur anytime the skin gets overheated. Therefore, this prickly heat rash can occur in the in cold weather as well due to individuals overdressing or not wearing the appropriate clothing for the activity they are performing.

If a person experiences a heat rash where the skin develops a cluster of red pimples and possibly small blisters with red skin surrounding the outbreak, then a treatment for the heat rash is required. A treatment will help alleviate the heat rash symptoms mentioned above and others which include itchy, stinging, or prickly feeling skin.

Prickly heat treatment in most cases is very straightforward and involves keeping the affected skin and body cool and dry. Get to a cooler area and out of the sun. Wear loose fitting clothing to help keep the skin cool and prevent friction irritation on the rash affected skin. Avoid irritating the rash as much as possible. Cool showers can be a useful way to relieve some discomfort and keep the body and skin cool. In severe cases, heat exhaustion or heat sickness may develop. Because this is a rather severe health problem it will require immediate medical assistance.

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