Home Removal of Skin Tags

The home removal of skin tags is a popular topic. The fact that skin tags are not a serious skin care problem likely leads many individuals to believe that they can deal with this problem themselves. However, careful consideration should be given before trying home remedies to get rid of skin tags. Healthy-skincare.com advises readers that it is always best to consult with a physician first or better still let the physician safely remove or treat the skin tag. Removal by a physician lessens the risk of infection or lingering effects of treatment and lessens the risk of improper diagnosis of a skin tag. Removal of a skin growth mistakenly assumed to be a skin tag can result in future negative health consequences. Also, a removed skin tag is often sent for further testing to ensure that the growth was benign and nothing more serious.

Nevertheless, many people do use home remedies or are at least interested in knowing more about home remedies for skin care problems. Information on the home removal of skin tags is provided below. This information on how to get rid of skin tags is for information purposes only.

Home Ligation Remedy for Skin Tags

In this method, the skin growth is tied off at the base with thread or dental floss. This cuts off the blood supply and results in the skin tag cells dying and eventually over the next few days the skin tag falls off.

Get Rid of Skin Tags with Essential Oils

Some products that are sold to remove skin tags use healing essential oils that many claim can effectively remove skin tags. There is no specific information on which essential oil works best and so this is really a case of trial and error for the most part.

Various Other Home Removal of Skin Tags Methods

There are also several other home treatments that have been suggested for the removal of skin tags at home. For example, placing some tea tree oil on the skin tag for up to four times a day can cause the skin tag to dry and eventually shrivel up and fall off. In addition, the application of a paste of castor oil and baking soda to the skin tag three times a day for up to two weeks can also in time cause the skin tag to dry up and once again fall off. Various herbal have shown some success for some people and over the counter products aimed at removing skin tags and other growths are also available and can be effective products for removing skin tags at home.

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