Laser Skin Care

There are many laser skin care treatments that are used in the world of skin care. Lasers are important pieces of equipment when it comes to overall healthy skin care and healthy skin care treatments. Lasers are used in cosmetic skin care facilities and in hospitals and physician's or dermatologist's offices in some cases.

Lasers Are Useful For Hair Removal

One use for lasers is hair removal. By applying specific laser light to the skin, the hair follicles are deactivated and hair no longer grows in the treated area. Several applications of the laser treatment may be required but the results are eventually permanent. It is interesting to note that by using a different type of laser treatment, hair follicles can be stimulated to regrow hair, a useful laser skin treatment for those experiencing hair loss.

Lasers Can Fade Tattoos

Lasers are the most effective way of fading unwanted tattoos. Other treatments such as tattoo fading creams do not compare to the results obtained with lasers. In most cases the skin does not completely match the untattooed skin, but often very good tattoo fading results can be obtained with the use of laser light.

Lasers Can Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Skin resurfacing is another one of those often used laser skin care treatments. Lasers can be used to soften deep wrinkles and eliminate fine lines. This anti-aging treatment is an alternative to other skin resurfacing techniques such as chemical peels which may be harsher on the skin. Lasers also allow for better control of skin resurfacing.

Lasers Can Reduce The Appearance of Scars

Related to skin resurfacing is scar fading. Lasers can be used to help reduce the appearance of many types of scars. Whether the scars are due to an injury to the skin, surgery, or the very common acne scars, laser treatments can help make scars less noticeable.

Other Laser Skin Care Uses

Other skin problems that can be treated with lasers include the fading of dark skin patches, reducing the appearance of moles, and the removal of skin tags.

There are no doubts that lasers and the wide variety of skin care treatments that can be performed with lasers are important elements in keeping skin healthy and youthful looking. As more experience is gained with lasers and skin care, current treatments will be more effective and new skin care applications involving the use of lasers will be developed.

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