Red Itchy Welts or Pimples on Neck and Upper Body

by Tonia

Red itchy pimple on neck.

Red itchy pimple on neck.

Red itchy pimple on neck.
Red itchy welts on the skin of my neck.

I am a forty year old woman and in good health. For almost a year, I have dealt with red itchy welts that appear in the morning on my face, neck, chest, arms and more recently on my back. Sometimes these itchy welts appear on my buttocks as well. However, this skin problem never appears on my legs.

It started last April with an occasional red spot on my neck that would itch but disappear by next day and at that point a new red spot would appear somewhere else - usually on my neck and upper arms. With the months passing by, the red pimples would become more such as three or four in the morning and they would stay on my skin for a two to three day period. These red pimples were also quite itchy.

I went to two allergists, one dermatologist, and my primary doctor to try and diagnose and treat this problem on my skin. I was given three different antihistamines but unfortunately they did not work at all. The use of antibiotics and steroids was futile and the did not solve the skin issue either. Some of the doctors thought the red pimples were hives, whereas others thought it was dermatitis, and still others were not sure what it was at all.

Allergy tests were conducted, but no allergies found. All the blood tests that were conducted showed that nothing was abnormal. Skin tests for contact dermatitis were performed and once again no positive results on this condition. I have pursued a regiment of changing sheets, detergent, shampoos, etc., but the rash is still up and I still get four to five new itchy spots on my face, neck, chest or arms every morning.

I did an ALCATS test to look at food sensitivities, and some sensitivity to wheat and garlic was found. I therefore stopped eating those but the itchy spots still appear. I do not know what to do any more. I have significant stress in my life, and was even offered to take antidepressants to see if that would help this condition, but I am hesitant. Any suggestions? I have included a couple of pictures trying to show what these red itchy spots look like on my neck.

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