Red Scratch Like Dotted Rash

by Kirk
(Los Angeles)

Red scratch like dotted skin rash on back.

Red scratch like dotted skin rash on back.

Red scratch like dotted skin rash on back.
Close up view of red scratch like rash on torso.
Red scratch like rash on leg.

I developed this rash about four days ago. It has the appearance of red scratch like lines on various parts of my body. It is present mainly on my back, down the sides of my torso, buttocks, and thighs. I have provided some pictures to better illustrate this skin rash problem. My skin does not itch or burn with this rash. I do not feel ill in any way other than the usual sinus allergies from living in Los Angeles. I saw a doctor two days in. The doctor performed some blood work only to find that all is normal.

Some medication was prescribed to me in order to block the histamines in my body. He feels this rash is a result of an allergic reaction to some kind of food and advised me to stop eating seafood, as I do this about four to five times a week. The medication prescribed was to remedy the rash in a 24 hour period, which it did not. I also eat a lot of raw cashews as a snack throughout the day. Perhaps the cashews are the culprit and not seafood. As of today, day four of the rash, I will forgo my love of cashews as well. My last snack was at 10am today (2-1-16) and I will keep taking my medication and see what tomorrow at 10am brings. I also showered in warm water with no soap to see if that could be the cause. I will post my findings tomorrow.

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