Removing Skin Tags 

There are several reasons for removing skin tags. One of these reasons is not because skin tags are dangerous or will develop into skin cancer or some other major skin care problem. The main reason for skin tag removal is for appearance or cosmetic reasons. Skin tags do vary in size, shape, and sometimes color and depending on their location on the body, having them can affect a person's appearance. This is especially the case when the skin tags appear in the facial region. When skin tags are visible individuals may be embarrassed and become stressed which can lead to a vast number of other health problems. Therefore, removing skin tags to improve a person’s facial appearance or to improve the look of the skin on other parts of the body are principle reasons to remove skin tags.

Another reason for skin tag removal is for practical purposes. Although most skin tags are small, some can be larger and depending on the location of the skin tag it can be uncomfortable. The main reason for being uncomfortable is the constant rubbing of the skin tag against clothing, jewelry, or other body parts. This friction irritates the skin tag and creates constant pain and sometimes frequent bleeding. If the skin surface of the skin growth is broken it may become infected and therefore this is a valid reason for wanting a skin tag removed. If a skin tag becomes twisted, it may cause pain and therefore would be a reason to have it removed as well.

Finally, although as stated previously, skin tags are not a health concern, sometimes individuals like to have them removed just to be extra safe.

Once removed, there is no preference for a skin tag to regrow at the same skin site. However, if a person is susceptible to skin tags they may by chance appear at or near the same site or perhaps other skin areas of the body.

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