Rosacea Causes

What are the rosacea causes? The Rosacea skin problem causes are not precisely known, but the causes seem to be linked to the abnormal dilation of the small blood vessels in the facial region. People that tend to blush easily appear to be more susceptible to rosacea. Also, fair skinned individuals, those between the ages of 30 and 60, and those going through menopause are more likely to suffer from rosacea.

Why do the blood vessels react in this fashion? Well this is where the uncertainty about the causes of this skin care problem stems from. Like many other skin diseases, there appears to be a hereditary link for some people or in other words those with a family history of rosacea are more likely to suffer from it themselves. Other possible rosacea skin problem causes that are normally alluded to include sun damage of the skin, the presence of a mite occasionally found in hair follicles, the presence of a bacterium associated with stomach ulcers (helicobacter pyloria) which is linked to the formation of a protein which in turn causes blood vessel dilation, an existing disease of the gastrointestinal area of the body, and medications commonly prescribed for high blood pressure or cholesterol lowering which act to dilate the blood vessels.

Rosacea can be triggered or aggravated by stress and emotional factors, changes in humidity, hot or cold temperatures, wind exposure, sun exposure, perfumes and other cosmetics, consumption of alcohol, consumption of caffeine containing products, eating dairy products, physical activity such as strenuous or perhaps even light exercise, hot showers or hot baths, the consumption of spicy food, eating hot foods, drinking hot beverages, and existing medical conditions such as a cold or high blood pressure.

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