Skin Product Recipes

Homemade skin product recipes are available from in ebook form. This skin care recipes guide contains many recipes for your skin care needs and overall body and health needs.

Included in this ebook is a long list of homemade recipes as summarized below.

Bath Products

Included in this section are recipes for bath salts, bath balms, bath oils, bubble baths, bath crystals, shower gels, and various types of exotic and relaxing bath formulas. A body toxin elimination bath recipe is also included.

Body Products

Here you will find many recipes for body powders, body oils, body and face and hand soaps, body washes, body scrubs, massage oils, body sprays and perfumes, and all natural deodorants.

Hair Products

Recipes for homemade shampoos, hair gels, hair sprays, body hair bleaches, brittle hair treatments, oily hair treatments, dry hair treatments, and conditioners are provided.

Lip Products

There are several recipes to make various lip balms and lip glosses for your lip care needs.


Recipes are provided for certain skin care problems such as varicose veins, dandruff, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and cellulite.

Other Skin Product Recipes

In addition to all of the above recipes, this ebook contains recipes for an elbow softener, skin toners, moisturizers, hand lotions, hand creams, suntan lotions, invigorating foot lotions, facial masks, and hand masks.

Other Health Product Recipes

In this section, you will find recipes for making your own toothpaste, mouthwash, fingernail treatments, and a variety of other recipes that aim to relieve certain health problems.

This ebook of Health and Skin Products Recipes is available from for $4.99 US.

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