Skin Tags

What are skin tags? Tags are benign (non-cancerous) skin growths that often look like small pieces of hanging skin. A more detailed description can be found at the symptoms page. The growths are harmless and if they are left on the skin they will not lead to skin cancer. Other names for these skin growths are acrochordons, soft fibromas, or cutaneous papillomas. Although some people mistake tags for moles or warts, they are neither.

A tag on the skin is very common with up to fifty percent of the population experiencing them to various degrees at some point in their lives. There is no preference for the growths affecting males or females and they can target any age group. Tags can affect healthy people as well as unhealthy individuals. However, some are more susceptible to them than others. For example, adults seem to get the skin growths more. The what causes tags on the skin page provides more details on why they occur.

Although tags on the skin are not dangerous, removal is often desired and the removing skin tags page discusses reasons why individuals remove these skin growths. The how to remove skin tags page discusses ways that these growths of hanging skin can be removed by a doctor. The treatment procedures are for the most part simple and uncomplicated. Although generally not recommended, many people search for home removal remedies of this excess skin and at home remedies are discussed on this page.

Another common question is whether these skin growths can be prevented.

Finally, pictures of these tags on the skin can help individuals deduce whether they have a tag or some other skin care problem.

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