Staph Infection Symptoms

Basic Symptoms

What are the staph infection symptoms? There are some basic symptoms of a staph infection to be aware of. The area being affected by a staff infection may show redness, inflammation of the skin, skin warmth, pain or tenderness, drainage of fluid or pus with crusting, and presence of boils or abscesses. Usually these basic symptoms of a staph infection begin as only a very small skin area being affected and the symptoms can be often mistaken for pimples or insect bites. Often a small cut or skin break is in the center of these symptoms, but sometimes there is no clear skin break evident. The break in the skin may be as small as a pinhole.

Advanced Staph Infection Symptoms

If the staph infection symptoms do not subside on their own, then the next stage of symptoms will become evident. For example, the affected individual will likely develop a fever as the infection becomes more intense and begins to spread. The individual will also likely exhibit the typical signs of fever such as chills and sweating. The staph symptoms described above become more intense – more swelling, more redness, more pain, and more pus evident.

If the infection progresses even more then it will not be confined solely to the skin but will enter the bloodstream and cause other health problems with the heart, lungs and other organs.

Other Infections Caused by the Staph Bacteria

More specific staph symptoms are associated with various other infections caused by the staph bacteria.

For example, cellulitis symptoms are redness, swelling, skin warmth, and pain, but often with no pus or drainage. Spreading leads to a general ill feeling and fever. This is a deep tissue skin infection and the legs are usually affected.

On the other hand, impetigo is more of a surface skin infection. Symptoms typically target the areas of the face, hands, and feet and are characterized by the presence of a honey colored crust on the affected areas. The crust may itch and ooze. Fever and pain are not normally present.

Folliculitis is the infection of the hair follicles. The staph symptoms for folliculitis include the presence of pimples with white heads at the base of the hair shaft.

A sty is a staph infection of the eyelid. The symptoms are a painful, red, and swollen area on the eyelid.

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