Strep Problems

by Sandra Gagliotti
(Oil City, Pa 16301)

I have a story from years ago when my children were little. We kept getting strep at our house. I would get a bad headache, one of my children had thrown up, the other had normal strep signs. On the second year of repeated strep battles, we found that our good friends were having the same problems. Their doctor finally found that their youngest son was a carrier. He had no symptoms at all. So he was treated. And both families cleared up. If we caught it again they would do testing, treat it, and we would all be healthy again. So it doesn't always hit everyone the same way. To add to the story, my next daughter was like the second, when she gets strep throat she throws up. But no sore throat. Go see your doctor because I learned through time that strep can present itself differently for different people in the same family.

Out of three children one is ADHD, one has Von Wilabrand, and one has anxiety issues.

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