Temporary Bug Bite Reaction on Arm

by Zim

This summer, I had been outside for no longer than five minutes when I realized that I had a bug or insect bite of some form on my wrist. I did not think much about it at the time due to the season and how common mosquitos bites are. However, after approximately two minutes passed by I realized that my arm was surprisingly itchy opposed to the bite on my wrist. There was a pink blotchy skin rash going up the whole length of my arm. In a very short amount of time, I watched closely as the rash made its way up past my elbow, then the color became more red and the rash became far more itchy. To treat it, I put Calamine lotion on in an attempt to relieve the itching, but I then unfortunately developed a burning sensation. Because of this, I then immediately rinsed the Calamine lotion off of my itchy arm and then tried another treatment. I applied hydrocortisone cream, which actually did indeed relieve the itching. After about twenty minutes the itching had disappeared and along with it the rash and bug bite.

I am really baffled as to what insect had bitten me to create that sort of bug bite reaction. I have never experienced anything of that nature before. Has anyone experienced a similar type of skin reaction to an insect bite? Does anyone know what type of insect would cause a rash on the arm that would spread so quickly and be so itch?

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