Yeast Diaper Rash

A yeast diaper rash is the term usually given to a diaper rash that gets infected. Another term used to refer to this skin condition is Candida diaper rash. A diaper rash causes the skin to be irritated. If it is damaged then yeast (fungus) or bacteria can penetrate the protective barrier of the skin and cause an infection. When this occurs, the diaper rash can become significantly worse.

The source of the yeast may be from the surface of the skin or from the intestines via stool. The fact that the covered diaper area of the skin is dark, warm, and moist only accelerates or promotes the development of the fungal or yeast infection. The infection usually starts in the creased areas or fold areas of the skin and the genitals, thighs, and buttocks can be affected.

The use of antibiotics can promote the Candida diaper rash because antibiotics kill bacteria. On one hand this is good because you want the antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria that are causing the problem being treated. Unfortunately this medication also kills some good bacteria which causes a greater risk of the fungal problem developing. The yeast starts growing out of control because there are no bacteria to keep the yeast level controlled.

The yeast diaper skin rash is characterized by red raised patches of skin that have sharp borders and slightly raised red dots that appear around the skin creases or skin folds and are away from the main diaper rash irritation area. These dots can spread further away from the diaper rash site to other parts of the torso.

If regular diaper rash treatments and prevention techniques do not eliminate the diaper rash after a few days, then a Candida diaper rash may be the problem and this requires treating the infection with an antifungal cream.

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