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Healthy Skin Newsletter - Tell Us Your Skin Care Story
December 01, 2009

December 1, 2009

Healthy Skin Newsletter – Information on skin problems and skin care.

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WHAT'S NEW AT has added various sections where you can share your own personal experience with a skin care problem. By sharing your story with other visitors to you can help someone deal with their skin care problem. If you would rather not share your story, you can still visit the various pages listed below to see what stories other visitors have provided.

Share your skin rash story or read other stories on types of skin rashes.

Share or read stories on eczema at the eczema skin care page.

Dermatographism or skin writing disease stories can be shared or read at the dermographism page.

Ask a dermographism question at this page.

You can discuss your tattoo story or share your tattoo design at this link.

For those looking to share their hair removal story then visit this best hair removal methods page.

Share you acne story or read other acne stories at the acne skin care page.

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