Hair Removal Methods

For many women and men, hair removal is an important issue. Removing unwanted hair can make the skin and body appear healthier and more attractive. Hair in unwanted places has a psychological impact on individuals.

Whether it is because of a feeling of unattractiveness or to gain a competitive advantage in sport (smooth bodies cut down on wind or water resistance or at least the feeling that this is occurring), it is not surprising that this industry is gaining in popularity with both sexes. Yes, even men are increasingly looking for methods that will remove unwanted hair.

Removal techniques range from simple and inexpensive that can be performed in the privacy of your own home to more expensive treatments that require a visit to a clinic specializing in such procedures. The effects can be temporary or permanent. Information on the variety of hair removal techniques available is provided below.

Temporary Hair Removal Methods

There are a variety of different techniques that can be used to remove hair for short periods of time. These procedures can be quite simple and inexpensive or be a little more complicated but still something that can be performed as a home treatment.

waxing hair removal treatment on leg


Plucking is simple, cheap, effective, but very time consuming because hairs are only removed one at a time.


This removal technique involves the use of a cotton thread. It is quick, inexpensive, and suitable for small areas of the body.


Shaving is the most common removal method of hair for men and women. It is also very inexpensive, easy to do, and very temporary because the hair is removed at the skin’s surface and not at the follicle.


This method uses a mechanical device to pull the hair out of the skin.


Chemical depilatories are hair removing gels, creams or lotions containing chemicals that dissolve the protein structure of hair.


This is a relatively inexpensive and arguably the most effective temporary removal technique for hair. It has also become a very popular technique to use to remove hair in many different areas of the body.


This removal technique is very similar to the waxing method. It is fast and cheap and can be performed effectively at home.


Bleaching of hair is not a removal technique. However, it is a method, which can be used to make unwanted hair less noticeable.

Permanent Removal of Hair Methods

People often get tired of having to repeat, on a regular basis, the same removal methods to get rid of unwanted hair. For these individuals, permanent removal methods are possibly a better choice. Although more expensive, these methods will successfully remove hair for good. The other advantage of permanent hair removing methods is that ingrown hairs are not a constant problem to deal with.


Electrolysis is considered a permanent method for removing hair unless the root is not completed destroyed. It is a technique that is suitable for hair on all parts of the body. A low electric current is used to destroy the hair follicle and prevent hair from regrowing.

For some inexpensive electrolysis removal of hair products that you can use effectively in the privacy of your own home visit this home electrolysis link.


There are various pharmaceutical products such as creams that have shown the ability to reduce body hair permanently.


Removal of hair with a laser is one of the newer methods. It is effective on all types of body hair, but in particular excellent results are achieved for the face, neck, and armpit areas.

What is your Preferred Hair Removal Method?

Many individuals struggle to find the best hair removal method. From shaving to waxing, what method and tips would you recommend?

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