Allergic Rash

An allergic rash is quite common for many people. This is because nowadays people are reacting to allergens much more than in the past. Even very small amounts or very small exposures to allergens can trigger an allergic reaction such as an allergy rash.

Individuals may experience an allergic skin rash for many reasons. People may have an allergy to medications. The most common medications that lead to a skin rash are antibiotics such as penicillin. Codeine is another medication that often causes an allergy rash. In reality, individuals can experience an allergic reaction with any medication.

Food often leads to a skin rash. When a person has a food allergy, such as a nut allergy, a common symptom is an allergic skin rash. As is the case with medications, the list of foods that may cause problems is endless and whether an allergic reaction occurs really depends on the specific individual.

This type of skin rash on the body may also result from insect bites or insect stings, contact with poisonous plants, or contact with various environmental and chemical allergens that people may encounter in their daily routines.

Basically, it is very difficult to isolate the exact cause of a skin rash initiated by an allergic reaction. Careful attention must be paid to when the rash first appeared and whether it can be linked to a specific drug, food, etc.

If a skin rash due to an allergy occurs, it should not be taken lightly. This is especially true if the individual that has developed the skin rash does not appear to be physically well. In particular, when a person with a skin rash is having difficulty breathing, speaking, is incoherent, or is unconscious, then emergency medical attention is required immediately. Severe allergic reactions can lead to death and therefore any allergic rash needs to be carefully monitored and emergency aid obtained if more serious symptoms develop.

Pictures of Skin Rashes

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