Foot Cream 

Why is a good foot cream important in healthy skin care? A good foot care cream is important because unlike the face, neck, and hands, which all receive a lot of skin care attention, the feet are often ignored when is comes to skin care. They are usually covered up and not visible to other people or even to ourselves.

This is very unfortunate because the feet endure a lot of abuse. This abuse can be from:

  • the constant pressure that feet experience from daily activities
  • the heat and sweating that often occur with the feet
  • from always being covered up and the lack of exposure to air
  • from the frequent development of foot skin care problems such as dry skin, skin fungus, and calluses

In addition to the above factors, the skin on the feet is often not cleansed properly, exfoliation to remove dead skin and promote new skin growth rarely occurs, and proper and regular moisturization is almost non-existent.

A foot cream manufactured by Verseo is able to provide excellent foot skin care. The ingredients used such as vitamin e, lanolin, glycerin, and sunflower oil among others provide gentle but effective foot care. Dry skin or chapped skin is soothed, healed, and moisturized. Foot calluses are also softened and eliminated. Ordering information for this foot product can be found below.


Total Care Foot Cream 

This luxurious conditioning formula softens and helps to eliminate calluses while healing chapped areas of your feet. Use it just twice a day, and your entire foot will be soft and silky. Gives you great looking and feeling feet. Free Shipping

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